At Beltrami, we are working on a new brand style. It will reflect the incessant dedication we put in extracting, producing and distributing high quality natural stone and blended materials. And it will show that we are a proud member of Brachot, which is worldwide renowned for its innovation and durability. And just like our landscape & surface materials, our brand style will not only be a joy to look at, but also able to stand any test of time. It’s the flag under which we will keep delivering you unequalled value – today, tomorrow and forever.
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Why choosing Natural Stone?






Choosing natural stone means opting for a unique product, one that comes from nature. The beauty, elegance and richness that the material exudes are without equal. The authentic, timeless character and the durability of natural stone offer an absolute added value to every home or project! A terrace, driveway, indoor flooring, wall, interior finishing or facade in natural stone is guaranteed to be a sustainable and correct choice!

More beautiful over time

The authentic beauty of natural stone can only gain in grandeur over the years. In contradiction to most other materials, natural stone keeps its qualities over the years. To choose natural stone is therefore a great choice for a strong and durable material.

Nature is not to be imitated

Despite numerous attempts to imitate the beauty of natural stone, no one has managed to succeed in uniting all of the qualities in one material. So far no match has been found for the unique look of natural stone.

Creative possibilities

Natural stone with all its dimensions, finishes and realisations is an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration. For each application outside: terrace, garden path or driveway,... there is a suitable material with numerous possibilities. Choose a natural stone with a rough finish (e.g. flamed, bush hammered, hand honed...) to make sure that the surface is perfectly non skid.

A choice for life

A natural stone floor or wall provides a lifetime of unique home decoration with many materials being less expensive than one would suspect. Natural stone offers a significant upgrade to the value of your property, a considerable bonus if eventually selling the property.