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The versatility of Simyra

10 juli 2015

Uniformity in and outside the home creates peace and harmony. For the design and cladding of this sleek, modernist home, the developer (Basic Architects - Peter De Kegel / Belgium) used a sustainable, high-quality stone offering a special, warm atmosphere.

Beige tinted Simyra from the Bselected series is a limestone from the Middle East with subtle colour nuances. Simyra stone was used both as indoor and outdoor flooring and also deserved a prominent place on the bathroom walls.

There is a fascinating story behind the Simyra stone. In the late 1990s, manager Herwig Callewier happened to be in contact with a Lebanese manufacturer. "He managed a limestone quarry in the North of Lebanon. At first sight, the quarry seemed uninteresting: the limestone was erratic in colour and showed lots of cracks. But guess what? When we had the limestone tested at the CSTC in Limelette, we knew we had found a top-notch product. After 240 cycles of frost tests, the stone was still as beautiful as ever. The Simyra limestone was born. Meanwhile, we have created hundreds of projects in this warm stone, "Herwig says.

Image: Simyra Brossato
Basic Architects - Peter de Kegel