At Beltrami, we are working on a new brand style. It will reflect the incessant dedication we put in extracting, producing and distributing high quality natural stone and blended materials. And it will show that we are a proud member of Brachot, which is worldwide renowned for its innovation and durability. And just like our landscape & surface materials, our brand style will not only be a joy to look at, but also able to stand any test of time. It’s the flag under which we will keep delivering you unequalled value – today, tomorrow and forever.
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The charm of yesteryear...

03 september 2015

This magnificent project confirms that natural stone can result in endless creations in different residential settings. In the search for authentic, rustic materials for this classic home, architect Karel Sichien from Schellebelle, Belgium selected Pierre de Bourgogne, a French limestone. A successful combination of this rural stone in a Vieux Manoir finish and the impressive ironwork allow the impressive staircase in the hall to shine in all its glory. By choosing a half-rounded nose finish for the steps and a rounded head for the first step, the architect has confirmed the setting's rural character. The adjacent floor was skilfully placed in a modular flooring pattern to complete the picture!