Ethical Trade

Our commitment

Beltrami believes strongly in sustainable business with a view to the future. We want to grow along with our customers, staff and suppliers. The welfare of our staff is crucial, from the quarry to head office, because this is our duty. We take care of them in all phases of the process, from extraction to production to sales. 

For Brachot-Hermant, the group to which Beltrami belongs, sustainable business is not a new phenomenon. Bram Callewier, the General Manager of (also part of Brachot-Hermant), has been personally committed to sustainable trade for more than 10 years. Several local projects aimed at social sustainability have been carried out in recent years.


Fair sandstone


In India, where popular sandstone products such as Kandla Grey and Kandla Ochre are purchased, working and living conditions are sometimes dubious. Beltrami and stand up for sustainable trade on various fronts, although this is not to be confused with philanthropy.

Fair Sandstone means transparency, risk awareness, action and monitoring. It means traceability in the supply chain all the way back to the quarry. Rather than being hushed up, visible problems are reported. That is followed by specific action on site, in the form of improvements in the production process, for example, and the provision of housing, health insurance and safety clothing. Monitoring is carried out on the basis of both self-assessment and audits by external parties.

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No Child Left Behind

In 2014, Beltrami and joined the worldwide 'Stop Child Labour' campaign with 'No Child Left Behind'. The project is based on the vision that every child has the right to a childhood and a decent education. The focus is on banning child labour in Budhpura (India), where a lot of sandstone is purchased. This is achieved through long-term support to the NGO Manjari to give the local families a better life. The improvements achieved in recent years include: the foundation of an education centre, obligatory age checks, more teachers, the creation of 26 local working groups and 8 centres to raise awareness among parents and children of the benefits of good education even before they reach school age. This has resulted in a significant drop in child labour in the region and a strong increase in the number of children attending school again.



On Friday 10 May 2019, along with the entire Benelux Natural Stone Federation (FEBENAT for short), Betrami signed the Trustone covenant in the presence of the minister-president of the Flemish Government, Geert Bourgeois.

Trustone is a Flemish-Dutch initiative in which government bodies, trade unions, NGOs and the natural stone sector make agreements for more responsible production and purchasing of natural stone from high-risk countries such as India and China. Society, buyers and the government are asking for Fair Sandstone guarantees more and more often. Signing the TruStone Initiative in May 2019 is an important step in that direction. It is important to understand that TruStone does not offer exclusive guarantees or certification. However it is possible to include the international OECD sustainability guidelines, which TruStone complies with, in the specifications.
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