Our Mission

Beltrami wants to supply to professionals in the construction industry an extended range of quality natural stone at affordable prices and without compromise together with our offer of outstanding service and support.

Our Vision

As a solid value in a rapidly changing stone industry, Beltrami strives to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.




Our Values

  • Pursue quality in all its facets

Quality is at the forefront of all our daily operations. Not only do we wish to supply the customer with excellent material but also the way this is done should reflect our high standards.

With natural stone quality is closely related to a strict and correct selection of the product:

  1. We supply as much as possible from the same blocks or layers
  2. We provide clear information to the customer about what they can expect from our selection.
  3. We ensure that we hold enough stock for your project to supply from one and the same homogeneous batch.
  • Integrate sustainability in all company processes

Natural stone is one of the most durable construction materials in itself. However, the extraction, production and transport of stone faces ethical and ecological challenges. In order to speak of a sustainable product, many improvements have to be made along the supply chain. To answer these many challenges in the 21st century, Beltrami is strongly aware that only a sustainable attitude will hold the answer.

  • Social entrepreneurship

As a family company we pay high respect to the human and social aspects of entrepreneurship. The well-being of every related stakeholder is a crucial criteria in every decision we make.