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Marble with added value

03 september 2015

Marble is alive. It is a natural stone you get to shape exactly how you want to at the time. Depending on what is in vogue. Marble lends itself perfectly to bold combinations of tradition and innovation. Every time it offers a new design that is always firmly rooted in Italy.

Beltrami is the distributor of the Italian marble collection Luce di Carrara in Belgium, France and the UK. This collection consists of three expressive, yet functional product ranges. Bathroom, Living and Limited Edition are the result of an intensive collaboration with designer Michael Anastassiades. He stood at the cradle of a first collection of marble stones. Thanks to the creativity of his fellow designers, Anastassiades is now marketing a range of products perfect for the bathroom or living room in the modern home: from rough stone to sophisticated design. Only marble has such a rich history, which is why it continues to persist today in the most advanced interiors.