At Beltrami, we are working on a new brand style. It will reflect the incessant dedication we put in extracting, producing and distributing high quality natural stone and blended materials. And it will show that we are a proud member of Brachot, which is worldwide renowned for its innovation and durability. And just like our landscape & surface materials, our brand style will not only be a joy to look at, but also able to stand any test of time. It’s the flag under which we will keep delivering you unequalled value – today, tomorrow and forever.
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Inspiratie 10

Houtmarkt, Kortrijk (Belgium)

Pepperino Dark, Bouchardino - Charred - Natural Cleft - Flamed
Jinin Stone, Chiselled
Marciera, Natural Cleft - Flamed
Clair Akiz, Natural Cleft - Flamed