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The right maintenance for each natural stone

The right maintenance for each natural stone

By choosing natural stone you are selecting a strong and durable material. It is important to carry out the right maintenance so that you can enjoy your natural stone for years to come.


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Get inspired by our decorative and exclusive collection of natural stone and discover our large variety in finishings and sizes.


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Marble with added value

Beltrami is distributor of the Luce di Carrara collection in the UK.
From rough stone to refined design! With the Luce di Carrara collection, marble shines as never before. The 3 expressive product series Bathroom, Living and Limited Edition lend themselves perfectly to daring combinations between tradition and innovation.
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Size matters: MEGATILES

Big, bigger, biggest... the trend towards exceptional XXL formats shows no signs of slowing! So Beltrami are going big with the introduction of Mega tiles in Pepperino Dark, Twilight and Nero Santiago..


Emperador Black: 100% beauty of Greece

This Greek marble is characterized by a deep black background and intensely punctuated by fine pale, ivory coloured veins. It is suitable for multiple applications inside (wallcovering, flooring, stairs, interior finishing, kitchen worktob, etc.).



Nero Santiago: stylish newcomer!

Discover this Chinese granite, characterised by a pleasing combination of white rough-grained and black more fine-grained minerals that create a strikingly striped surface. Already available in the Mega Tiles series.


Update of slabs range

With over 30 years of experience in natural stone, Beltrami recently ensured its slab range is more suited to the market´s demand for material types, finishes and trends in colours and applications.


Beldeco: striking retro patterns


Colourful retro patterns are trending again! By combining the small natural stone tiles in the Beldeco series, you can create an imaginative play of sizes, materials, colours, textures and patterns that give your interior an exciting, unique and trendy appearance full of character.

Beltrami was inspired by the patterned tiles that were so popular in mansions and public buildings in the Belle Epoque. The Beldeco tiles can be used as floor coverings: for the entire floor or just part of it, as an eye-catching feature.

The result is a lively vintage looks that resonates perfectly with the current revival of the Scandinavian style.

Beltrami presents both a standard Beldeco series and a custom collection.