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Brachot-Hermant Group strengthens position in France by acquiring Emile Rebillon quarry

18 september 2019

The Brachot-Hermant Group recently acquired the extraction and production activities at the Emile Rebillon mine, located in Perros-Guirec in Brittany. This acquisition reinforces the Brachot-Hermant Group's position as the most important producer of Rose de la Clarté granite and further supports its international expansion. The Brachot-Hermant Group is also the owner of the SAG (Société Armoricaine de Granit) sites nearby, which are likewise involved in the extraction of pink granite.

Rose de la Clarté
Rose de la Clarté
Rose de la Clarté
Rose de la Clarté

Since 1976, the Rebillon quarry has been extracting Rose de la Clarté natural stone from the Ploumanac'h granite basin. Although this basin has had a rich history of extraction for centuries, there are only three companies still active there today, including SAG and Rebillon - both of which are owned by the Brachot-Hermant Group. Rose de la Clarté is mainly used in the funeral and monuments sector, and also in road construction.


Its annual sales market is estimated in the region of 3,000m³, with the two SAG and Rebillon quarries accounting for a good 2,300m³. Rose de la Clarté occurs in a lighter and a darker tint, typified by black and white specks on a pink background.

The Brachot-Hermant Group's acquisition means that the Rebillon quarry now belongs to an international market player with a good 118 years of experience and expertise in the extraction, processing and distribution of natural stone. This acquisition brings the Group to a total of 19 quarries, most of which are located in France, Portugal, Norway, Ireland and South Africa and used for the extraction of granite and bluestone. The Group also owns 7 production sites and 11 distribution centres around the world, mainly specialised in the production (cutting and working) and distribution of finished slabs and tiles.

As a technical innovator, the Brachot-Hermant Group makes every effort to optimise the extraction and production of natural stone in methodologies and a state-of-the-art machine park. Its objectives are to guarantee the most efficient, highest quality and newest techniques in stone cutting and processing. Hence the Brachot-Hermant Group also aims to further develop and support the extraction and production of Rose de la Clarté granite from the Rebillon quarry. The growth of the distribution network for the granite will be ensured by the nearby depot in Saint-Étienne-en-Coglès, among others.

The Brachot-Hermant Group strongly believes in Sustainable Business with a view to the future, both within the organisation and working with its customers and suppliers. For example, the Group recently signed the Trustone covenant, under which government bodies, trade unions, NGOs and the sector make arrangements for more responsible production and purchasing of natural stone.