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Fine dining with... Ardesia Nera Stonepanels

Stimulate your gourmet senses at Italian restaurant Joïa in Visé near Liège, Belgium. Your eyes will be in for a treat as well when you see the...

On cloud 9... with Beltrami!

With the Up-site tower in the heart of Brussels , property developer Atenor Group managed to create the tallest residential tower in the country. The impressive building...

Marble with added value

Marble is alive. It is a natural stone you get to shape exactly how you want to at the time. Depending on what is in vogue. Marble lends itself perfectly to bold...

Nero Santiago: a great newcomer

Nero Santiago  is a Chinese granite with a very distinctive streaky surface showing a linear succession of grainy white minerals and finer black minerals. This...

Slabs series update

The trend is clear: natural stone is attracting more and more of an interest. This is reflected in all sorts of imitations in building materials, but also in the use of...

The versatility of Simyra

Uniformity in and outside the home creates peace and harmony. For the design and cladding of this sleek, modernist home, the developer (Basic Architects - Peter De Kegel /...